With over ten years of combined experience, the Lucid Strategy investment team invests directly in companies that are enabling change, shorting the laggards and structurally transforming sectors in an effort to achieve better returns.

Our team has been involved in key industries since inception and has strong relationships with management teams and regulatory and industry experts. We emphasize investments in publicly-traded companies on a global basis, as well as in commodities, including environmental credits. We believe our approach expands investment opportunities, should lower correlation, and should allow for more asymmetric return profiles.

The Opportunity

Our Lucid Strategy identifies sectors and companies that are directly contributing to decarbonization, electrification, or sustainable consumption.

By investing only in this universe, we believe we are well positioned to provide investors with significant alpha.

We do not shy from expressing our views and engaging directly with management teams.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. An investment in a Clear Sky investment product is subject to materials risks of loss and material limitations.

See the "Special Considerations," which can be found here.