Ms. Ragan brings 17 years of experience trading environmental commodities, spanning a wide array of products, and has built trading desks at both large and small organizations. She has significant expertise in developing new opportunities in small, niche markets such as carbon, renewable energy credits, and renewable fuels markets.

Ms. Ragan began trading environmental products while at NRG Energy in 2007. There she was tasked with developing, executing, and managing trading strategies for new and emerging environmental markets and provided recommendations to senior management. She led strategies for new environmental programs and executed many of the first transactions ahead of mandatory reduction schemes.

Upon completing a large and profitable deal with Shell Energy, Ms. Ragan joined Shell to build its environmental trading desk. Following her time at Shell, she joined BP Products to build the company’s U.S. carbon desk, aligning with the renewable fuels desk to create one of the largest environmental desks in North America.

More recently, Ms. Ragan has been working as a consultant and entrepreneur, advising smaller companies and environmental start-ups. Prior the joining the Clear Sky team, Kathleen successfully launched a new carbon trading fund from the ground up. 

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